Aboricultural Consultants

Tree Safety Inspections:

Crofton Trees - Arboricultural Consultants Anyone who owns or manages land containing trees, has a legal duty to ensure that they are in a safe condition so that foreseeable damage does not occur due to tree failure. (Occupiers Liability Act 1954/1980).

Guidance issued by the Government, the Forestry Commission and the Arboricultural Association advises that a tree survey should be undertaken by a professional tree surveyor on a regular basis. Failure to do so may leave those responsible liable to prosecution. A tree survey is an essential component of any system that demonstrates responsible land management.

We offer a service, which will evaluate and quantify the risks and recommend remedial works as required. This can be carried out from a single one-off specimen to a large private estate or a commercial site containing any number of trees.

The exact extent of the details required can be discussed with the client beforehand and may include more detailed inspections of individual trees growing within an area associated with a higher risk potential (e.g. adjacent to roads, footpaths etc..) or a general "walk over" survey of areas with a lower risk potential.

Surveys will be carried out in accordance with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Risk Assessment methodology to determine a risk rating based on:-

  • The likelihood of the tree's future structural collapse or failure;
  • The likelihood of any such future collapse or failure causing harm to persons or property;
  • The severity of the consequences of any such future collapse or failure.